The personal blog of a moth trapped in human skin.

Status: Watching films.

I have a "normal" name in real life, but on the web I like to call myself Mold.

On this website I will be writting about my life as a young girl in the 21st century.

I am slowly figuring out how to code a nice looking site. My latest major appearence change is putting all of the stuff in a nice little box, as opposed to letting it sit directly on the background. I still have not optimized this site for mobile phones, so it might look bad on those.

I don't have an email for this site yet, or a built in comment section, so if you want to tell me anything you can leave it as a comment at Sorry for the minor inconvenience of that.

Fuck AI.

Check out this list of dates that nobody other than myself would make any sense of.

Suffer the curse?


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